I always loved stories; reading them, writing them, and playing them. I dreamed up Karla and her world when I was in primary school. They have evolved a lot as both she and I have grown older, but her basic character hasn’t really changed. I guess she’s a little part of me: a patchwork of who I am, who I wished I was, who I could have turned out to be in another life, and experiences I might only live out through her.

For a long time, Karla and her world have only existed in my head, in my folders’ worth of handwritten pages, and on my laptop. Now I want to share her with you. She’s been a big part of my life for so long and I hope she can become even a tiny part of yours.

I don’t know if writing is a gift that God has given me, I don’t know if I’m even any good. But writing has been an outlet for me in all circumstances of life, something I do to deal with and process things, but mainly just because I enjoy it. If no-one else ever saw my work, it would never stop me wanting to write. But I trust in a wonderful, creative God, evidenced by the beauty I see around me every day. He’s made me in His image, including his creativity, and I want to use that to glorify Him.

So some of my characters are Christians, like me. Some are going to deal with issues of faith and morality. Sometimes they’ll get it wrong, sometimes they’ll get it right. I won’t apologise for including what I believe in my writing because it is my identity and I can’t separate that from my writing. I hope that the stories and characters I write will serve to bless you as the reader and glorify my creative Father.

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