A small, quiet town in north New Jersey, a forty minute drive to Newark airport, and an hour’s coach journey into New York City. It boasts all the necessary conveniences: Stop n’ Shop supermarket, bowling alley, movie theatre, Dunkin’ Donuts, train station, a few clothes shops, thrift stores, and an ever-popular dollar store.

Franklin Academy is a private boarding school for grades 3-12 on the outskirts of the town, a twenty-minute walk from the centre with a coach stop down the road that goes to the City.

Around 500 students attend the school and it’s a close-knit community, promoting cross-grade relationships through their Buddy System.

The Academy boasts vast open green grounds, surrounded by high white walls, plenty of good standard- if not slightly dated- classrooms, a fully equipped gym and swimming pool, a main hall big enough for the entire student and staff body. A normal curriculum is taught and many extra-curricular activities are provided; classics such as drama and sport, and more original ones such as rebuilding old cars and floristry.

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